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Application of NUOHX endoscope in special inspection industry

Time:2016-10-14 Views:16
Application of NUOHX endoscope in special inspection industry

With the development of economy and society, regional inspection barriers will be broken, and inspection companies with higher and more sophisticated inspection capabilities will break through regional restrictions and participate in competition. In the special inspection industry, industrial endoscope camera detect more power plant boilers and pressure vessels, and mainly detect the detection of three parts of the boiler water wall tube, header, and turbine generator rotor center hole. At the same time, it no need to disassemble the equipment during the inspection process, which is a very cost-effective inspection solution.

What is a "special inspection equipment"? "Special inspection equipment" has a wide range of applications in all industries, and plays a large role, specifically refers to pressure-bearing, manned and lifting equipment or facilities that involve life safety and high risk. It includes boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders), pressure pipes, elevators, cranes, passenger ropeways, large amusement facilities, and motor vehicles in the field (plant) and so on. Special equipment is mainly divided into two categories: pressure-bearing special equipment and electromechanical special equipment. Among them, boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders) and pressure pipelines are special equipment for pressure-bearing; elevators, cranes, passenger ropeways, and large amusements are motor vehicles facilities. Common special equipment generally has a wide operating space and many dangerous factors. For this reason, the safety inspection of special equipment is particularly important in production activities.

To use special industrial endoscope camera to test in the special inspection industry:
1. Be able to see accurate results visually, avoid problems and eliminate potential safety hazards.
2. Can keep the record for viewing at any time. 
3.Reducing work time.
4.Cost-saving, including: labor costs, time costs, material costs, etc.